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COVID-19 Relif Activity

Helping those in need.

By the Divine Grace of Lord Sri Parthasarathy and the Blessings of our Revered Gurudev Srimad Samyamindra Thirtha Swamiji , Matadhipathi of Sri Kashi Math Samsthan, Varanasi, we at Sri Parthasarathy Charitable Trust of Bangalore Sri Kashi Math were bestowed with a rare opportunity to serve the humanity during one of the most critical times in modern human history starting from March 26, 2020 to May 17, 2020 for 53 days.

The Corona Virus Pandemic breakout and the announcement of the precautionary lockdown of activities throughout the country brought the nation to a stand still bringing in lot of distress to a large section of the economically weaker section of the society comprising of the migratory labourers, homeless street dwellers, destitutes and slum dwellers.

Realising the immense distress on streets, our volunteers took up the initiative to feed the hungry distressed people in the nearby areas around our Math at Bangalore, by distributing about 185 meal packets on March 26, 2020 by cooking about 15 kgs of Rice.

Increase in demand

The lockdown was a new experience and the crisis on the streets was so severe and the volunteers were joined by a few more and by next 7 days we were touching almost 1000 meal packets with more and more approaching the Trust for helping the needy.

With the blessings and guidance of our Revered Gurudev and active participation of our volunteers and the generous support of Donors within the next two weeks Sri Parthasarathy Charitable Trust of Bangalore Sri Kashi Math was supplying almost 10000 meal packets a day involving constructively with authorities trying their best to beat the hunger of thousands distressed in the city of Bengaluru.

In this humanitarian campaign 355 generous donors supported our initiative and about 54 volunteers were the backbone of the activity who worked tirelessly risking the worst fears throughout the 53 days upto Sunday , May 17, 2020.

The efforts of core team of Five cooks lead by Sri Dayananda Prabhu was commendable wherein they processed 16,550 kgs of Rice, 2400 kgs of edible oil, 5 tonnes vegetables, 2400 coconuts and more than a tonne of spices to make 2,12,665 Meal Packets to feed the distressed without making any compromise in taste , quality and hygiene during these 53 days.

Identifying the GSB families in need

Further, in order to meet the requirements of our own -- REALLY NEEDY IDENTIFIED GSB FAMILIES OF BENGALURU, -- we made "DHANYALAXMI KITS" comprising of :

  • Rice - 10 kg
  • Toordal - 1 kg
  • Uraddal - 1 kg
  • Sugar - 2 kg
  • Jaggery -2 kg
  • Rava - 2 kg
  • Poha - 2 kg
  • Refined oil - 1 ltr
  • Tea powder - 200 g
  • Chillies - 200g
  • Sambar powder - 2 pkt
  • Sesame seeds - 100 gm

These kits were delivered to 255 identified GSB families as a token of our support at the time of crisis. Similarly, about 159 such Ration Kits were also distributed to the needy other families identified by a voluntary organisation . The Trust also made active efforts in channelizing Relief Ration of about 1500 kgs of Rice to a Hakki Pikki Hamlet in the outskirts of Bengaluru. We even had an opportunity to serve food to about 15 Bengali patients with their attendants who were housed in a relief home after being discharged from hospital awaiting travel arrangements. A months ration requirement of Prerana Blind Shelter at Bengaluru and Sri Matha Lakshini Old Age Home of Bantwal were sent by the Trust to meet their immediate requirements.

Appreciation of the work done

The activities of Trust were truly blessed by His Holiness Srimad Samyamindra Thirtha Swamiji Matadhipathi of Sri Kashi Math Samsthan Varanasi , by sending nearly seven tonnes of Rice, Dal, Poha , Rava etc for the Relief Kitchen from their Vasanthamasa Camp at Basrur. The sacred joy of volunteers knew no bounds to receive the Gandhakshatha Prasada from Revered Gurudev in the midst of the relief work and lifted up their spirit. The senior Members of the Trust under the leadership of our beloved President Dr P Dayanand Pai gave timely guidance and supported the initiative with generous donations.

Work being recognized

Within no time, a good word had spread about the pious efforts and our cooking , packing and distribution centre at Bangalore Sri Kashi Math was visited by many Govt functionaries including :

Dr Ashwath Narayan - Deputy CM of Karnataka

Dr Ashwath Narayan was impressed with the work being done and the dedication & love with which the meals where prepared.

K.Gopalaiah - Food & civil supplies minister, Govt of Karnataka

Honourable Food and Civil Supplies Minister Sri Gopaliah visited our activities and requested to continue the good work till the lockdown is lifted.

Sri Gautham Kumar - Mayor of Banaglore city

The Mayor of Bengaluru Sri Gauthamkumar today visited Sri Parthasarsthy CharitableTrust activities at Bangalore Sri Kashi Math and spent more than 45 minutes and interacted with most of member of our team and appreciated the humanitarian aid extended and said that the good deeds will be remembered by future generations and thanked the establishment on behalf of BBMP.

Sri Nalin Kumar Kateel - BJP state President & Sri Suresh Kumar - Education minister, Govt of Karnataka

Sri Nalin Kumar Kateel, President BJP Karnataka and Member of parliament from Mangalore visited the Covid Relief Activities of Sri Parthasarathy Charitable Trust and appreciated the volunteers for their selfless service during the crisis time . He went through all the systematic working of Meals Packet Production, Packing and distribution . He also remembered the divine smile of our Guruvarya Srimad Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji and also talked about the compassion of Srimad Samyamindra Thirtha Swamiji. He was accompanied by Sri Ravi Kumar MLC and General Secretary of BJP Karnataka. During the same time, Sri Suresh Kumar Honourable Minister of Education also visited and all of them spent about an hour with us. Honourable Minister Sri Suresh Kumar was very happy to see the profile of our volunteers who were from diverse professional background and wholeheartedly appreciated the handling.

Other dignitaries who visited & appreciated the work done

Dr.Sadanada Gowda - Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilisers

Sri Sadananda Gowda sent his message of goodwill and provided energy drinks to volunteers.

Dr.Sadanada Gowda - Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilisers

Sri Sadananda Gowda sent his message of goodwill and provided energy drinks to volunteers.

S. Harish, former Deputy Mayor, Bangalore city
Sri Shivaraju, former leader of oppostion
Sri Krisnamurthy, nominated Corporator
Deepa Nagesh, Corporator, Rammandir ward